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"Well, when your band's name is Grand Splendid you expect big and great things. And I'll tell you something, the are delivering! I really like this new band out of Montreal and I think you will as well. Check it out! This is "You Are The Universe" and it's my Big Shiny New Song of the Week, right here on CHOM" - Jason Rockman, CHOM FM

"Combining modern rock with a nostalgic nod to the ’60s, Grand Splendid roll through the rock years with ease. The band members have crafted a catchy, yet laid-back number that is perfect for the approaching summer season." (about the single "Magic) - THE RECORD STACHE

"I can’t recommend giving their music a listen enough. It’s thoughtful and beautifully composed.” - NEW MUSIC MONDAYS, DROPOUT ENTERTAINMENT

How good is that? That is wonderful! That is a song called “Magic” from Canadian band called Grand Splendid… Last week a few people said to me ‘I really like that, it’s got a familiar sound to it!’. To me the first time I heard that song I just thought it’s got a real sort of hint of Jellyfish… Brilliant! Absolutely wonderful! That is Grand Splendid with ‘Magic’. What an aptly titled song it is. It is absolutely magic! Love it!” - Garry Foster (WCR FM - Wolverhampton, England)

“Grand Splendid and their track ‘Magic’. Brilliant classic rock job, based on swirling guitars, stomping beats, wrapped in a real whimsical vocal style that I’m really liking!” - A1M Records New Music Show - Indie Rocks UK

“I have listened to this song (Magic) many times and I cannot quite put a finger on who they remind me of. There’s something very familiar about them but they definitely are their own.” - Your First Listen on 89.1 KNNZ

"After discovering it, the song has been on heavy rotation over the last couple of days, and we couldn’t be more stoked to share it with you.” (about the single "You Are The Universe") - THE iNDIE MACHiNE

"Next up we’re going to head back to Canada which, unbeknown to me before the last couple of weeks, is a goldmine of new indie music with its roots firmly planted on the UK shores. This is the new single “You Are The Universe” from Montreal band Grand Splendid, and it’s got a sound that I can only describe as They Might Be Giants have they uprooted from New York, settled in Manchester after spending a few weeks taking on board the psychedelic influences and harmonies of early Kula Shaker. And it’s quite good! " - The State of Independence (South Wales, UK radio show)

"You Are The Universe starts off with this modern Beatles-like riff, then gets into this Stone Roses vibe along with harmonizing" - Montreal Rocks

"Based in Montreal in Canada, they are called Grand Splendid. And what a grand splendid tune that is! "You Are The Universe", Record of the Week here on Radio Northwiich Breakfast this week" - Northwich Radio


Their songs are instantly enjoyable and rather infectious. We are dealing with upbeat and catchy rock that will sit in your head for a very happy chunk of time.”  - The Indie Blender


"Their upfront electric guitars and soothing vocals are lovely, but they’re also not afraid to get loud. Their stage presence kept the audience engaged". - YUL.Buzz


"Bouncy. Joyful. “Energy.” So much energy. Julian Buchbinder has the most incredible voice, so soothing and serene, amidst layered guitars, and high-energy organ riffs. It must be difficult to fit that much enthusiasm on a stage, let alone in an hour. But they did it, and we saw it. And it was awesome." - Bucketlist Music Reviews


"They certainly have their signature sound down to the finest detail and each and every moment on the EP is sheer musical bliss. This is pure music, made by those who have a clear passion for their craft." - We Close Tonight


"“Hopeless” charmed me instantly. The straight-up rock swagger of “How Do You Feel Now?” is breezy without being flimsy and throwaway, and is a solid anchor as the penultimate of the EP’s five songs. On my initial listen to Numbers, I found myself disappointed that it was over as soon as it was, but maybe that’s Grand Splendid’s plan: leave the listener wanting more. If so, then congrats, boys, you’ve succeeded in spades." - Quick Before it Melts


"Grand Splendid is an Indie Rock outfit out of Montreal, and they have a seriously cool sound. Check them out, and discover a new favorite!" - Earbits


"Grand Splendid has melodic charm galore atop simmering alt-rock intensity. The five songs on the debut EP ‘Numbers’ are vaguely reminiscent of some iconic alt-rock predescessors’ early works, such as Pavement’s Crooked Rain.., REM’s Murmur, Radiohead’s The Bends, and even Coldplay’s Parachutes, which speaks to the band’s graduated musical awareness and sensibility for only their first album release." - Rokline Magazine


"Complete with a rugged, Autumn-personified sound à la early Death Cab for Cutie to compliment the Twee Pop influences and the occasional hint of Psychedelia, this band’s sound is packed full of twinkling, fresh sweetness. In this EP, we hear the harmonious bliss that can come of simplicity. While the tracks on this release feature an earful of textures and layered instrumentation, each section jives as a unit, so as to fill up the soundspace without over cluttering it. The chord progression and song structure remain simple, the rhythms tight and the tones iridescent, which I think is the formula that gives the right amount of punch to the different solos and makes this EP adored on first listen. Grand Splendid is definitely one to be remembered." - The Pulp Zine


"They play very nice melodic soft rock." - Radio Cannon / Montreal Indie & DIY Music Podcast


"Not only is their music so impossibly catchy and upbeat, but their ability to compose strong, unique pieces shows promise that they won’t be a one-trick-pony in any future musical endeavors. Numbers is a huge success artistically. With talent like this, Grand Splendid won’t be going away any time soon." 

Rating: 8/10 - Bucketlist Music Reviews


"Montreal’s Grand Splendid make multi-textural guitar pop that transcends eras, mounted on an anthemic scale yet without the self-aggrandizing bombast." - The Delete Bin


"The record fills a quota for pleasant, upbeat guitar-driven music akin to something like early Strokes with a dash of Interpol." - Music Notes Blog


"The EP is a rather gentle affair with a lot of the songs reminding me of late era Brit-Pop, for example the late Feeder songs, Blur's late 90's tunes and early Post-Punk/Revival bands, which is not a bad little niche to be in! Brilliant new EP from the Montreal band." - It's All Indie


"Check out Grand Splendid...their EP is melodic, as warm and as comforting as a pillow. We need something to get through this winter, this could be it! "- New Music Ten


"Sounding a bit like Teenage Fanclub, the band displayed some smooth harmonies and hooks during their set, which had a heavy dose of poppy, happy guitar rock." - Panic Manual


"The band is great at what they do, and each song will keep you listening."

Rating: 4/5 - Canadian Beats


"Really lovely Montreal band. It's absolutely soothing and pleasant." - Indie-licious / Music Between Friends


“Straight from Montreal to your heart. Uplifting songs in a soft rock style.” New Driven Radio


"New Must Listen: Listening to Numbers, Grand Splendid’s new EP, makes me feel somehow nostalgic. It’s a longing for the past. For fans of Galaxie 500 and Luna. On repeat." - Ouvido Afinado

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